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Wilton Picou - Passionate About His Work

September 25, 2016
When an employee is passionate about their work, they tend to go above and beyond the expectation of project completion because they typically enjoy what they do. Completing a project above and beyond expectation is what Wilton Picou is dedicated to doing every time he starts on a new project. It is about more than just completing the projects he is assigned, it is about completing it on time, efficiently, and better than the original expectation.

In order to be able to perform at the level Wilton Picou performs at, he had to start his adult life with a good education. He began his educational career at Harris-Stowe State University where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Management Information Systems. He then went on to earn his Master’s of Arts with a concentration in Information Technology Management from Webster University. This is also where he earned his Master’s in Business Administration, emphasis in Business. While working, he is currently in the process of earning his Master’s of Science in Global Technology and Development from Arizona State University.

After gaining an academic education, Wilton Picou set out to gain many relevant and important practical skills including, but not limited to, strong analytical skills, database administration, leadership building, engagement with timeframes, transformational skills, self-motivation, process fixation, comfortability with change, strong collaborative skills, excellent communication skills, and the ability to collectively influence a team’s behaviors positively.